Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sew-alongs and Giveaways

 There is much activity going on in the sewing blogosphere. Have you seen the new Colette Hawthorn pattern. They are having a Colette Hawthorn Sew-along and contest.I have been torn on doing this one too...of course like the Bombshell swimsuit I am late on the start.
 I participated in the Laurel contest when it was released. I enjoyed looking at everyone's version and was inspired and amazed with the amount of creativity among the entries and it was fun to vote on the winners.I also find that when I am doing a sew-along I can stay on task and manage my time better with deadlines.I have completed my bombshell suit to the part where I need to insert the bra cups into the lining . I am waiting on them to come in the mail so I am at a stand still on that project but am confident that I will finish soon. 
Do I join in and do this dress also? .I am dreaming of the sleeveless version. Isn't it sweet.

 I have so many summer dress patterns that I want to sew most of them vintage and have started a Craftsy  Sew the Perfect Fit taught by Lynda Maynard  I am waiting on the pattern before I can start my muslin.I will be meeting up with Amy from Sew Well and some other Seattleites to adjust the fit for each other. The pattern is Vogue V8766 .

We will be doing View D.I have had my eye on this pattern for a while, and any of you that have seen the BBC program " the Great British Sewing Bee" will recognize the dress that Ann sewed in the finale. If you haven't seen this yet you can view it Free on You Tube. It was a huge success and is returning for a second season. 

A Few Threads Loose Bruno and Betty giveaway really cute sewing T shirts for the sewing nerds like myself, and other really witty housewares. Check out the kitchen towels and produce bags.Bruno and Betty
                                                   Yes I am also a Kale nerd!
 Some other things to check out if you have not already seen them:
Goodbye Valentino will have a sew-along Julie Starr Ribbon Skirt
Casey from Elegant Musings free 1920s baby Knitting pattern
Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch Free Zipper Insertion Craftsy Class 
Be sure to check out the other free Craftsy classes.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I Love this Swimsuit!

I have completed step VI. Heather is on step VIII completing the top view A. I am doing View B so I am officially caught up with the sew along. I have to say that it feels good.I was able to sew over the weekend and complete all except the bust.One broken needle and very little seam ripping involved. Not Bad. 

 This morning I tried on the bottom portion(bust still incomplete) for a fitting. I am in love.It fits and flatters my figure.I am very straight with very little distinction between my waist and hips. In this suit I look like I have curves, which I love. I actually am considering posting photos of myself when I have completed it....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Catching up on the Bombshell

I woke up this morning determined to play a little catch up on the sew-along. Since Heather is working on View A first and I am doing View B I might be able to catch up. I poured my coffee and went to work on cutting out my pattern. 

Things were running along very smoothly, everyone was sleeping in including the cat.  I went through all the steps and was really enjoying myself. Sewing a swimsuit is much easier than expected.I was all the way to attaching the center back seam and realized I had two of the same sides instead of mirror images. UGHH. 

 I thought of gripping my seam ripper but I had enough fabric to just cut another side. 
So I was much more careful when gathering the sides to be sure they would fit together properly. With this pattern the side seams are straight and the center back seam is curved. Heather mentions this several times in her blog post  which is very helpful.
Finished Back Portion...Yeah!

Now, only 4 days behind I am feeling better about completing the suit on time...Maybe tomorrow I will accomplish much more but today it is a rare Sunny Seattle Day and I need to get some Vitamin D. More tomorrow.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sew-Alongs and Schedules

The Bombshell Sew-Along has started on Monday. By the end of Monday I should have had my fabric washed, pattern put together, cut out fabric and lining. Day 2 (Tuesday) I should actually be sewing the swimsuit and by the end of Day 3(Wednesday) I should be here.


Well as of last night I am here....Uggg.This is why I don't usually do sew-alongs. I am a classic first born overachiever. I want to impress my teacher and get an A even as an adult. So I am stressing out trying to catch up and considering postponing the entire project

Yes...cutting out and taping the pattern puzzle together. With a little help from my furry friend below. Which is no easy task.

Why am I so far behind...well like most of us I are busy working and caring for a family.I find that it is hard to devote the hours to complete some of these sew-alongs on time. 
Last night what I finally asked my self is "Why does it matter if I am behind"? Have a glass of wine and enjoy the process because that is what my sewing is about. If I wanted something fast I could go and purchase it. So...on that note I am going to try my hardest to do just that.

 I did decided on which style and selected and washed my fabric yesterday. My daughter who is also sewing a swimsuit and working on her muslin has been patiently helping me select the fabric. I always like the idea of color but when it comes down to purchasing I stick to neutrals.I really wanted Black or Navy but decided on White. I am hoping it will become classic and chic swimsuit when I am complete...a little inspiration.

My goals for today are to but out the swimsuit fabric and lining. (That's realistic right?)
Maybe I will do part of the assembly...but no stress.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Well I have to get on board with the rest of the sewing blog community and try the Bombshell Swimsuit by The Bombshell Swimsuit..Isn't it Divine!

I live in Seattle so I rarely have an importunity to wear a swimsuit so I do not want to purchase one of those $150 .retro inspired beautiful swimsuits from Nordstrom. However, I will be attending my brother in law's wedding in October in Palm Springs so I will have many hours poolside.When I saw this suit I knew this was the "Old Hollywood" glamour look that I wanted. Plenty of coverage  but not a "mom" suit and shouldn't embarrass my teenage daughters.
I decided since this is my first attempt at a swimsuit it would be nice to do it with others who may be dealing with some of the same issues or frustrations...I am also very nervous, not sure why but swimsuits seem majorly intimidating.  I have ventured into lingerie with some high waist panties from  Ohhh Lulu on Etsy, and I participated in the A Few Threads Loose  Ma Cherie french knickers Sew-Along and survived ,actually I really enjoyed doing these, they were quick and turned out pretty. Instant Gratification. Besides who doesn't love pretty underpinnings?
Wish me luck. I am going with Style B (in blue above) ...I always tend to go Black but I really love the blue and the red...or maybe a pattern.What do you think? Mood Fabrics has some really beautiful options.
 Since the sew along started yesterday I have a lot to do to catch up.There is still time to join the sew-Along if you would like the pattern can be found on Etsy.
Closet Case Files The Bombshell Swimsuit Sew-Along

Monday, June 17, 2013


I am a mother to two teenage daughters and part time Dental Hygienist. I started sewing in Home Economics in 7th and 8th grade (Yes...we still had Home Economics when I was in school). My mother sewed most of her garments and mine as a child plus some pretty amazing prom/homecoming dresses that I would design.
The one I think she and I both remember the most would have been a floor length sequined straight dress with applique. She put many many blood, sweat, tears, and broken needles into that dress.

Her Grandmother was an excellent seamstress even sewing my mother's very on trend late 60's wedding dress.

When my first daughter was born I decided to learn to sew again and sewed many garments,pillows, curtains, and Halloween Costumes through the years. My daughters are now teenagers and I am now returning to sewing but for myself. I upgraded my sewing machine last year and started taking some classes, participated in a few Sew Alongs, and following several blogs. One of my greatest challenges has been fitting as I think most of us in the sewing world would agree.One of the things that I love about sewing is that you feel very connected with the garment  from choosing the design, searching for the right fabric and handling the fabric during the sewing process. I know have a few things to add to my wardrobe that I am very proud of.

My Goal is to sew new things for myself instead of buying and blog about it along the way. I really love timeless classic clothing that fits well. What do you love about sewing? What are your biggest challenges?